Unit 3 - Militarism and Children

All supporting videos are located below.
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Media 1

Video 1: And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda


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Media 2

Video 1: Commando Duck

Video 2: Donald Duck der Nazi:

Video 3: Donald Duck Home Defence
(07:46 mins)

Video 4: Donald Duck in the Army:

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Media 3

Video 1: Duck and Cover 1951 Civil Defence Song:


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Media 4

Video 1: Eve of Destruction:

Video 2: War:

Video 3: We didn’t start the fire:

Video 4: Beatles: Revolution:

Video 5: The times they are a-changing:

Video 6: Universal Soldier:

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Media 5

Video 1: James Oliver: Drones

Video 2: Hans: Are we the baddies?

Video 3: Yes Prime Minister

Video 4: Monty Python: Marching

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