Unit 4 - What War Is Like

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This section invites you to step inside the reality of armed conflict, to see what it feels and looks like from the perspective of young people who are students, soldiers, refugees, victims and witnesses of war’s violence.

These are not sophisticated drawings and paintings. Many pictures were drawn by a child who had never before held a paintbrush. But that does not diminish their strength. Instead their power comes from lived experience. In their artwork and stories young people invite us to accompany them, to stand alongside as they provide a map of what it means to be a child soldier, to be present inside a genocide or to find dignity as a refugee.

There are four main components:
Of Lives Uprooted: Experiences of war from the perspective of refugee children. This animated video describes the violence of the civil wars in El Salvador and Guatemala and young people’s lives as refugees in Honduras and Mexico. 9 minutes
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The Darkness of War: This slide show is based on artwork created by Rwandan youth who survived the Genocide of 1994.
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What War is Like: This slide show contains artwork from a variety of young people who have had different experiences of war.
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The Life Inside: This slide show is based on the memories of young people who were abducted and forced to serve with the Lord’s Resistance Army in Northern Uganda.
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