Unit 4 - What War Is Like

Of Lives Uprooted

This nine minute video tells the story of refugee children in Central America. It is based on an art exhibit, titled Disrupted Lives, which contains artwork and writing by children from El Salvador and Guatemala.

The filmmaker uses various animation techniques to create a strong feeling of movement and to bring out the message of the children’s words and pictures. These are stories of the brutality of war as seen and experienced by young people.

Salvadorean refugees participated in the making of this video which was produced by the National Film Board in English, French and Spanish. The video won an international award.
"The civil war in Nicaragua is described by the children of that country through their words and drawings, based on their experiences in Nicaragua and the refugee camps. This film was adapted from an exhibition entitled Disrupted Lives which was organized by Linda Dale and sponsored by INTER-PARES and CUSO." - NFB