Unit 4 - What War Is Like

The Darkness of War
Artwork and writing by youth survivors of the Rwandan Genocide.
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It began on April 1994.

Burning houses,
Killing Tutsis, Tutsis,
From every place and everywhere.

Blood spreading over the hills.

People fleeing:
In the hills, in the valleys, in the churches.

And they were shouting:
“Kill more, kill more”
“Kill the cockroaches.”

Machetes, spears, knives,
Clubs with nails, anything.

People killed in the wildest way.
Children, parents, old people.

And the world was just looking.

They urged the killers, saying,
“Don’t worry. It is only a Tutsi
Their God has deserted them.
Their God is dead.”

Youth Collective Poem
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