Educational Activities

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[tab_nav type=”eight-up” float=”none”] [tab_nav_item active=”true” title=”0.0 Before Studying the Units”] [tab_nav_item title=”1.0 Unit 1: Iconic Photos”] [tab_nav_item title=”2.0 Unit 2: War in My Life”] [tab_nav_item title=”3.0 Unit 3: Militarism and Children”] [tab_nav_item title=”4.0 Unit 4: About War”] [tab_nav_item title=”5.0 Unit 5: The Grand Seduction”] [tab_nav_item title=”6.0 Unit 6: Working for Peace”] [tab_nav_item title=”7.0 Concluding War and Children″] [/tab_nav] [tabs][tab active=”true”] 0.1 Thinking About War
  1. Evidence and Interpretation (The Big Six Historical Thinking Concepts)
  2. Is War Inevitable? Busting Myths About War
  3. Ticket Out the Door
  4. How War Endangers Us
  5. Write an “I Used to…. But Then” Poem
  6. Peace Posters from World Beyond War
0.2 After Viewing the Introductory Video (Making Thinking Visible: CSI)
0.3 Raffi’s Covenant for Honouring Children[/tab] [tab]Content 2[/tab][tab]Content 3[/tab][tab]Content 4[/tab][tab]Content 5[/tab][tab]Content 6[/tab][tab]Content 7[/tab] [tab]Content 8[/tab][/tabs]